Types of washing machines

Types of Washing Machines | Fully and semi-automatic | Top & Front Load

How to choose the best washing machine available in the market.

Types of washing machines available.

Mostly we find two different types of washing machines when we visit a market or an online store.

  1. Top load washing machine.
  2. Front-load washing machine.
  • The wash basket door is located on the top side of the top-load machine and hence the laundry (cloths) are loaded from the top, whereas the wash basket door is provided at a side of the machine. Hence clothes are loaded from the side of the machine.

Both these types are again divided into two types.

  1. Fully automatic washing machine.
  2. Semi-automatic washing machine.
  • As the name says the fully automatic washing machine soaks, washes, spins, and drys the clothes without changing into the spin tub whereas, in a semi-automatic washing machine, wet clothes need to be changed manually to a spin tub.

There are few points that need to be identified before placing an order.

  • Check if the usage of the washing machine will be daily, weekly, etc.
  • Quantity and type of fabrics which are going to wash regularly.
  • Water and space availability at your premises.
  • Service availability of that brand in your locality.

Also, the important point to remember is to choose the correct capacity machine. There are 5kg, 6.5kg, and 7kg machines available in the market.

  • It is not advised to go for a higher capacity machine if your wash usage is very less.
  • Make sure the machine drum is not overloaded as clothes won’t soak and spin in the tub properly resulting in a poor washing experience.

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