Memory cards for smartphones

Here is the list of best-selling micro sd cards online. Most popular 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128 GB, and more sd cards for smartphones.

Choose from high read and write capacities, ability to save more videos and photos easily.

Transfer your smartphone’s internal storage media to external storage devices, save the internal storage space to download more apps.

Save your data in a convenient way. Storage devices for PC & Smartphone.

Looking to purchase a Micro SD card for your smartphone and Tab. Here is the list of the best-selling SD cards.

Choose from different storage capacities that fulfil your requirement.

Save thousands of photos, videos and documents, access them anytime from your phone.

Just insert in the memory card slot and can expand the phone’s storage capacity. Most smartphones support up to 512GB of external storage capacity.

Best selling micro sd card brands.

Brands include Sandisk, Samsung, HP, Strontium etc are available in online stores.

However, you need to check the read and write speeds before purchasing. A card with transfer speeds of up to 120MB/s might help you move all your content blazingly fast (up to 1000 photos in just one minute).

Micro SD cards

Sandisk 64GB sd cards

SanDisk Ultra micro SD Card

Write speed 56x, Read speed 120MB/s.

Ideal for Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Class 10 memory card.

Storage capacities, 32GB | 64 GB | 128 GB | 256 GB | 512 GB | 1TB

Samsung 64GB sd cards

Samsung EVO Plus Memory Card with Adapter

Write speed 20, Read speed 100MB/s.

Use with cell phones, smartphones, Android tablets, tablet PCs, and more.

Class 10 memory card.

Includes full-size adapter.

Storage capacities, 32GB | 64 GB | 128 GB | 256 GB | 512 GB

SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card

SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card

Read speed 120MB/s.

Use with mid-range point-and-shoot cameras.

Class 10 memory card.

Storage capacities, 32GB | 64 GB | 128 GB | 256 GB

64GB sd cards

HP Micro SD Memory Card / 64GB sd cards

Read speed 80MB/s.

Can be used for storing and transferring more mobile content across your devices,

Class 10 memory card.

Storage capacities, 16GB, | 32GB | 64 GB | 128 GB

Strontium Nitro A1 Micro SDXC Memory Card

Read speed 100MB/s.

Faster App Performance & Full HD Recording and Playback, High-Resolution Photo Capturing.

Class 10 memory card.

Storage capacities, 32GB | 64 GB | 128 GB

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