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Have you purchased a new phone and want to save it from scratches and dents? Looking to keep the phone screen scratch-free? Have you tried any mobile accessories to keep your phone from unwanted damages?

There are many mobile accessories available in the online stores.

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Mobile accessories

Keep your phone’s display/screen safe – Screen Protector

The display/screen is the most important component of your phone. Many times the phone might slip from our hands and the screen gets broken. It is expensive to replace a broken screen.

Using a tempered glass screen protector, you can save the screen from a few damages. You can choose a better one which covers the entire screen of your phone.

mobile cases

Smartphone Covers and Cases – Mobile accessories

A smartphone cover/case can also be used to prevent any damages. These are available in plastic, leather etc.

A back cover helps to protect the rear cameras of the phone, while a complete case or flip cover saves both front and rear components of the phone.

Shockproof, transparent, light weight cases are available in online stores.

Mobile holder

Grips, Mobile Holders, and Stands

The mobile holders can be fitted to your desk or glued to your car dashboard and are used to keep the phone steady when you are charging a phone or to have hands-free video calls.

Similarly, using a stand you can charge your phone and can adjust it to portrait or landscape positions while watching a video, other handsfree operations like video call at home or office, and during travel.

Check out for pocket sized phone holders and other best sellers in the below link.

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